Our school has a long history centred around the life of St Brendan the Navigator.

  • St. Brendan's is a Parish Primary School providing a Catholic Education for families.
  • St. Brendan' s opened in 1891.
  • Sisters of Mercy arrived at St. Brendan's in 1899.
  • St. Brendan's has a rich history of providing a quality Catholic Education.
  • St. Brendan's has grown significantly over the years and has had a number of large building projects to accommodate increasing enrolments.
  • Full history of the school is available on www.sbshepparton.catholic.edu.au

Who was St. Brendan?

  • St. Brendan The Navigator is the Patron Saint of our School.
  • St. Brendan was a navigator who originated from Ireland.
  • He sailed the seven seas in a carrach made from oxen hide.
  • He sailed the seas for seven years.
  • We celebrate St. Brendan' s Feast Day on May 16th.

The School Hymn to St. Brendan The Navigator is available to purchase in CD format from the school office.

We have a stained glass window of The Voyage of St. Brendan in the Community Information Centre.