Our literacy programs are designed to maximise each students’ outcomes, ensuring that they achieve success. Our teachers work collaboratively in professional learning teams in our Junior, Middle and Senior Learning Communities, to raise and improve literacy outcomes for all students. Data is continually used to inform teachers’ planning and target student’s learning.  All classes implemented daily to our literacy block with a focus on reading, writing and oral language.  There is an agreed whole school approach to the literacy strategies that best support the learning needs of all students.

Our Reading Recovery Program for Year 1 students provides additional support for students who require assistance with reaching the literacy benchmarks.  This intensive program allows a student to work one on one with the reading recovery teacher.

For some of our students English is their second language so appropriate teaching strategies are applied to support those students with their learning of English.

Other support programs in the area of literacy include small focus groups facilitated by learning support teachers, reading intervention and ESL classes.