To engage all teachers and staff in the education process and in the life of our school community, cultivating a collaborative culture and develop high performing teams. 

  • To build a culture of school improvement and performance developing teaching and learning programs focused on evidence-based decision-making.
  • To further develop a whole school approach to build teacher capacity ensuring high quality, purposeful teaching to enhance student learning outcomes.
  • To develop an understanding and provide professional development with the implementation of the new Victorian Curriculum.
  • To develop a better understanding of student learning needs and engage in collaborative planning to improve learning outcomes for students.
  • To continue to investigate pedagogy and resourcing, ensuring the new, contemporary learning spaces are utilised to develop teaching and learning opportunities for all students.

In support of quality learning and teaching, and informed by contemporary research and practice, St. Brendan’s leadership team has committed to responding to new understandings and changing contexts, engaging in continuous improvement in order to meet the needs of the students. 

As facilitators of learning, our teachers are developing and providing student learning experiences and learning environments, that reflect the quality indicators for learning and teaching in the Charter of Sandhurst School Improvement.

The learning and teaching that occurs at St. Brendan’s should reflect the vision of our school community and an authentic understanding of the life of Jesus and his teachings. As we further develop partnerships with parents/carers, students and staff, we are challenged to respond to rapidly changing social, economic and technological change, re-imagining our school and learning environment.

Professional Learning Community

At St. Brendan’s we recognise that professional learning to build teacher knowledge is an essential component of school improvement and staff development. Our Leadership team, and Teaching and Learning leaders have made a commitment to build the culture of School Improvement and Performance, and develop the quality of teaching and learning here at St. Brendan’s.

Effective teaching for learning requires a whole school approach, and our leaders and teachers have identified and articulated a clear sense of purpose for our school with a focus on enhancing teaching and learning interactions with students in our Learning Communities.