School Hymn


Hymn to St. Brendan

The School Hymn to St. Brendan The Navigator was recorded in 2000. Man of the Sea
(Margaret Dumaresq Turner/Dale Wright)

Performed by: The Navigators (Featuring Nigel Parsons)

A carrach you fashioned from tanned oxen hide
Washed over with fat to keep out the tide
Then lovingly stitched up with rough leather thong
Set out on a journey 7 years long
Sailor of God Brendan, Man of the Sea
Guide timid footsteps in this land young and free

Through clear crystal mountains and lands not then trod
You preached with your brave band the greatness of God
Cross oceans uncharted to strange lands and new
You carried the Gospel where 'ere winds blew


The Lords of the ocean swam by your side
Playful and tender at ease with the tide
Beautiful birds of all colours and hue
And the islands of sheep under skies ever blue


In treacherous waters with faith in the Lord
There rested the fate of all those aboard
Eerie strange waters of a new founded land
Hot molten rocks rained down on your band


To navigate safely through this terrible night
Your faith once again was your beacon and light
Lead us St. Brendan to faith strong and true
As we follow the footseps troddon by you


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